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For over ten years, JD Adler has assisted universities, non-profits and small businesses with their digital content publication strategies. Providing proper research, technical writing, web design and virtual marketing plans.

ePub Consulting was built to help non-profits, artists, entrepreneurs and small businesses take advantage of the digital age. Corporations may need full time communications staff, but the needs of smaller organizations are less permanent and less expensive. However, the results need to be equally professional.

The organizing, editing, and development of your content into a professional format, along with a marketing launch, requires an expert skill set. Adding content on a regular basis does not.  Our job is to develop your professional online presence and train you in its day to day use. At which point you are able to maintain your own web publications, independently.

As with every advance in publication technology (the Gutenberg Press, the Steam Powered Cylinder Press), the internet democratizes society by providing individuals greater ability to distribute and receive information, art and commerce. The inherent contradiction being that one must have the time and skills to access the new technology properly, or pay someone for the service. There are those who would take advantage, trying to convince customers that a permanent expenditure for their services is required.

At ePCo, we embrace the opportunity the digital age offers to allow entrepreneurs to enter the market independently, with reduced overhead. We will support you by providing a cost effective, content management strategy tailored to your goals. Then, once we have you up and running with a quality product, the project, and your cost, is over. Should you need future support, a new project begins.

The name ePCo, was taken from the acronym for a business my father and grandfather built. Admired by their employees and customers alike for their integrity and work ethic, I have modeled my own business upon their example. You can always expect straight answers and 110% effort on every project we accept.

Be it business, education, art or charity, we look forward to helping you attain your dreams.

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Jeff Adler
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