What is Assisted Publishing?

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Authors have many choices for pursuing publication of their work these days. Some umbrella categories include: Traditional Publishing, Self-Publishing (print and/or digital), and Assisted Publishing. Each have their own sets of pros and cons which we would be happy to present to you. It is important you find the method that is right for you.

At Elegant Publications we offer Assisted Publication services. Which means we use the tools of the self publishing industry (print on demand, ebooks, apps) to help authors get their work published while retaining all rights and control and a larger share of the profits than Traditional Publishing would offer.

Having more control also means having more to do. We will be happy to offer services aiding you with as much or as little of that work as you like. Below is an outline of the methodology we employ to help make you a success.

Step One- Goals

We will determine your ideal short and long term goals, and break them down into 6 month, 1 year, 2 year, 5 year and 10 year milestones.

Step Two- Assessment

We review your resources, target market, inventory, product/service/artwork and overhead against the landscape of your ideal goals, then make any adjustments necessary based on practical concerns.

Step Three- Plan

We will provide a plan for achieving your goals and a payment structure. This will vary depending on the client, but may include:

  • Web Site
    • Layout and Design
    • Content Management
    • SEO
  • Publication
    • Books
      • POD
      • eBooks
      • Picture Books
    • Magazines/Journals
    • Newsletters
  • Print Marketing
    • Bookmarks
    • Postcards
    • Posters
    • Ads
  • Virtual Marketing
    • Apps
    • Social Media
    • Google/Amazon/Facebook Ads
    • Cross-Marketing
    • email blasts
  • Bio
  • Professional Photography/Graphics

Step Four- Execution

Once we have agreed upon a plan, EPCO will initiate the process of achieving your dreams.

To discuss your project, please contact us